Porlock to Porlock Weir Wood Walk

Avoid the narrow main road when walking from Porlock to Porlock Weir
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Avoid the narrow main road when walking from Porlock to Porlock Weir

Walking from Porlock to Porlock Weir through the woods

One of the ways to walk to Porlock Weir avoiding the narrow road, is to take the path through the woods. Unfortunately this bridleway isn’t really suitable for the disabled and would be quite adventurous with a push chair! In wet weather it can get a bit soggy underfoot.

To join this delightful stroll, go approximately 200 metres up Porlock Toll Road where you will a see a track bearing off to the right. It’s signed to Porlock Weir and is also forms part of the Coleridge Way which runs from Nether Stowey to Lynmouth and named after the famous poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge who often walked around Porlock with his good friend and poet, William Wordsworth.

The path also runs adjacent to the magnificent Greencombe Gardens , which in the Spring is a riot of colour and holds four national plant collections and well worth investigating, but can’t be accessed from this path.

Follow the path as it meanders through the woods and over streams, with some magnificent views of the landscape along the way.

There is a short but quite steep ascent as you arrive above West Porlock – Go through the pedestrian gateway and follow the path down the hill.

You will then arrive at a crossroads in the path, straight on here, it’s signed Porlock Weir and after about 800m you will have come down a hill to a stream with a footbridge. Cross the stream and the community hall will be on your left. Cross the road and take the short path until you reach the road to the Weir. It’s all downhill from here and you are about 1km from the beautiful Porlock Weir.

There are buses that run back up to Porlock, but not on a Sunday. There is also a path back along the marshes for those that want a circular walk and we will showing you that on this blog soon!